Training Programmes

The TEC4SEA research infrastructure is a unique environment that fosters the strict articulation, definition and dissemination of new technical training as well as education programmes. One of the key objectives is to support technical and advanced training programmes of human resources as well as advanced education programmes in the scientific areas of the research infrastructure.

Advanced technical training in marine robotics, telecommunications and sensing on (but not limited to) the following topics are supported by the infrastructure:

  1. Technologies
    • Underwater/overwater communications;
    • Optical sensing and imaging;
    • Inertial underwater navigation;
    • Underwater acoustic positioning and navigation;
    • Underwater acoustic signal processing and modeling;
    • Smart data sampling;
    • Underwater vision and SLAM;
  2. Sensing Equipment and Software
    • Immersive teleoperation;
    • Wireless control of ROVs;
    • Autonomous inspection;
    • Autonomous intervention;
    • Characterization of electronic and optical devices and antennas;
    • Network simulation using NS3 software;
    • Fabrication and characterization of fiber optic sensors;
    • Compressive sensing techniques and advanced imaging technologies.