Optoelectronics Laboratory for Sensing Technologies

uose lab

The optoelectronics lab has state of the art equipment and tools for the design, fabrication and test of fiber optic based sensing systems.

The capability of fabricating fiber optic devices like fiber Bragg gratings, long period gratings, tapers, couplers and interferometers, provide great versatility in the design of new optical sensing systems. Also coating systems (evaporation, sputtering, polymer coating) allow to explore new functional materials like thin films and nanostructured materials with enhanced sensing properties.

A range of optical sources, spectrum analyzers, laser scanning units allow to test and develop new interrogation systems for real time remote operation using interferometry, absorption spectroscopy (NIR) and fluorescence. A diversity of test facilities is available to characterize the sensors response to mechanical parameters (strain, temperature, vibration), electrical current, gases, and dissolved and volatile chemicals.

Some notable equipment:

  • Home designed and assembled Bragg gratings fabrication Units (2X);
  • Braggmeter FS2200SA Laser scanning system for remote interrogation of fiber optic sensors;
  • Splice and Cleaving Machines (Fitel) for standard, and special (polarization, angle) fiber cleaving and fusion;
  • Spectrophotometer UV/VIS double beam, Hitachi System for spectral characterization of solutions and solid films;
  • Optical Spectrum analyzer ANDO. Fiber optic spectral analyzer for the visible and telecom band (600 nm - 1700nm);
  • UV/VI CCD Spectrometer (Ocean Optics). Fiber optic portable  USB spectrum analyzer (400 nm - 900nm);
  • SRS 844 Lock-in Amplifier, High frequency ( 200 Mhz) lock-in amplifier;
  • Ar laser with frequency doubling. UV laser used for photolitographic processes (wavelengths: 488nm and 244nm);
  • Double beam FTIR spectrophotometer. System for Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy suitable for chemical analysis;
  • Gas Cromatograph. Gas cromatrography system for complex chemical analysis.