Optical and Electronic Technologies Laboratory

OET lab

INESC TEC facilities include a laboratory with Bit Error Rate test capabilities up to 13 Gbps and characterization of optoelectronic devices up to 20GHz and electronic devices up to 50 GHz.

Notable equipment:

  • Digital Sampling Oscilloscope, Agilent 90000, 20GSamples/s;
  • Pattern Generator and Error Detector, Agilent N4901B-100, 13Gbps;
  • Vector Network Analyzer, Agilent E8363B, 40GHz;
  • Signal Generator, Agilent E8257D, 40GHz;
  • Vector Signal Generator, Rohde and Schwarz SMJ100A, 6GHz, 100MHz bandwidth;Electrical Spectrum Analyzer, Agilent E4448A, 50GHz, Options: Ext. Mixer, Digital Demod., Noise Figure, Phase Noise;
  • Lightwave Component Analyzer, Agilent E8703B, 20GHz, 1550nm optical modulator/photodetector;
  • Optical Spectrum Analyzer, ANDO AQ6317B, 0.1nm resolution;
  • Oscilloscope Mainframe, Agilent 86100C, with 40GHz Optical / 50GHz electrical module;
  • Optical Receiver, Agilent, 10GHz;
  • Others: Laser diode controller, Mach-Zehnder Modulator 12GHz with driver, Electro-Absorption Modulators 40GHz/60GHz with driver, Direct Modulation Laser 12GHz with TEC controller, Bench-top EDFA, Optical Attenuator MM/SM, Tunable Laser 1510nm-1590nm, Optical Polarization Controllers, Time Interval Analyzer/Counter with 8ps resolution, Optical/RF Splitters and circulators.