CINTAL Facilities

Cintal 1

The Centro de Investigação Tecnológica do Algarve (CINTAL) is a non-profit research organization, founded in 1990, with the goal of providing an innovation platform which links fundamental research as a source of knowledge to practical applications as the use of knowledge which can be commercially exploited.

CINTAL is located at the University of the Algarve in Faro, and is actually formed by three main laboratories among which the Signal Processing Laboratory ( that hosts most of CINTAL’s activity in underwater research and technological development.

SiPLAB/CINTAL has runned several FCT projects and was the coordinator of two EU-FP7 projects in the last 5 years ( ).

CINTAL/SiPLAB facilities include underwater acoustic equipment ( as well as the know-how for their at sea operation. SiPLAB/CINTAL personnel has a long term expertise in carrying sea operations ( and has performed sea trials worldwide: Hawaii, Norway, Brazil, Portugal, France, and Italy; and actually develops system prototypes for its research.

During at-sea operations CINTAL has collected a large data set of underwater sounds which are available for third parties analysis and processing.

Major pieces of equipment are listed below:

Short Hydrophone Array (SHA)

SHA test

Subsurface Telemetry Unit (STU)

Subsurface Telemetry Unit
Portable Acoustic Source Unit (PASU) and Acoustic Emission and Receive Unit (AERU) PASU and AERU
Acoustic Releasers Interocean releasers

Acoustic Oceanographic Buoy - version 2 (AOB2)

AO-Buoy developed under RADAR project

Acoustic Oceanographic Buoy - version 1 (AOB1)

AO-Buoy developed under RADAR project

Broadband Lubell high-frequency acoustic source

Lubell 916C

Broadband Lubell acoustic source

Lubell 1424HP being 
				recovered during RADAR'06

Low frequency acoustic source

JH350 sound source

ULVA - Ultra Light Vertical Array

Ultra Light Vertical Array