Permanent team

TEC4SEA is has a permanent team composed by researchers and staff personnel from INESC TEC and CINTAL. The team's expertise include a multitude of topics divided in the following groups of activity:

  • Optical and electronic technologies and sensing
  • Wireless networks
  • Signal processing, underwater acoustics and communications
  • Robotics and intelligent systems

Currently, the permanent team members are:

  • Paulo Mónica Oliveira
  • Augustin Olivier
  • Alfredo Martins
  • Aníbal Matos
  • António Silva
  • Eduardo Silva
  • Henrique Salgado
  • José Almeida
  • José Carlos Alves
  • Luís Pessoa
  • Pedro Jorge
  • Rui Campos
  • Manuel Ricardo
  • Maria Barbosa
  • Marta Barbas
  • Nuno Cruz
  • Sérgio Jesus