Access Conditions

TEC4SEA is open to the entire scientific and enterprise community, with a free-access policy for researchers affiliated with the research units that assure its maintenance and sustainability.
The access from external entities to the Research Infrastructure facilities and resources is ruled by the following conditions:

  • Mandatory submission of a work plan, including the scientific objectives to be achieved, a summary of intended activities, the associated team and the resources and logistics requested;
  • The work plan should be evaluated by a scientific panel of recognized merit which approves and ranks the requests by order of priority, starting a budgeting and clarification process;
  • The acceptance of the work plan, duties and responsibilities of the involved parties is ensured by the formalization of a written contract;
  • All journal and conference publications that used the Research Infrastructure must acknowledge that fact with the following text: “This work was carried out with the support of the TEC4SEA research infrastructure” and the Research Infrastructure website link;
  • All the costs associated with the research team stay as well as any legal processes and bureaucracies associated are their own responsibility;
  • TEC4SEA reserves the right to revoke the contract in case of major prejudice or disturbances to public order;
  • All the cases outside of the cases described behind (e.g., equipment renting, testing specific equipment, technical and advanced training) will be handled by the Research Infrastructure operational team on a case by case basis.