Technology Flyers

A set of flyers of some of the technologic results achieved is presented.

Title Description
AQUAMONITOR Sensors for water quality monitoring in intensive aquaculture
Compressive Cameras Compressive sensing based cameras
COTTOS-D Multi-technology equipment for secure broadband self-configured mesh network
GRIFO Autonomous aerial vehicle
JANUS-NC Multi-technology mesh access point for near-coast coverage
MARES Autonomous underwater vehicle
MODAL Models for predicting algae blooms
MORWAQ Monitoring and predicting water quality parameters
OPTOFLUIDICS Hybrid microfluidic chip for single cell diagnosis
PROTEU Advanced optical sensor for monitoring estuarine and coastal environments
RAIA Iberian coast oceanographic observatory
ROAZ II Autonomous surface vehicle
SCOPe Electronic port community system
Serious Games and Visual Simulators Specification and development of solutions for education, training and certification
SNIFFER Network of chemical and physical sensors for food supply chain security
TriMARES Autonomous underwater vehicle
TURTLE Hybrid Robotic Lander Prototype
Unmanned capsule Autonomous robot for search and rescue operations
VSAT Very small aperture terminal for satellite communications